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Rest well to increase productivity - Nature of Work
Steve Rio

How to increase productivity through better rest

In a culture that celebrates grinders, it can seem that the only way to get ahead and increase your productivity is to work more hours than anyone else and sacrifice any sense of balance, sleep and well-being. I fell into this trap through my 20s and early 30s. I worked long days and late nights,

Stress stacking is a technique to measure your stress and adjust your lifestyle accordingly.
Steve Rio

What’s Your Stress Stack Score?

The human body and mind were designed to manage stress. Too little or too much stress can cause serious health issues and weaken our ability to perform at elite levels. Stress Stacking is a way to evaluate and optimize your stress levels and find your natural balance.

sleep - the most understated productivity hack available
Steve Rio

The most underrated productivity hack, and how to master it.

As entrepreneurs and humans in general, we have a fascinating and historically backward view with sleep and rest. I don’t know where the notion that we can simply bypass sleep to be more productive came from, but it’s the scientific equivalent of saying the earth is flat.

Steve Rio

Social Media is the New Tobacco

It may sound hyperbolized to say that social media is the new tobacco, but bear with me. The analogy is frighteningly accurate the more you explore it.

Steve Rio

Change your digital habits to optimize your performance and improve your life.

What is the first thing you do after waking up? What do you do while you’re on the train? During your lunch break? In between meetings? After dinner? Right before bed?

The answer is likely the same for all of these: scrolling on your phone. Whether it’s your email or Slack, or it’s social media or news, people today are spending an incredible amount of their “down time” ingesting content on their phones.

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