What will you pay attention to today?

Every morning we wake up and have a profound choice to make: What will I pay attention to today?

Our time and attention is the most valuable asset we have. What you pay attention to determines what you’ll achieve in this life and the quality of your experience living your life.

Yet, focusing on what’s most important can be challenging in the busy and distracted world we live in.

That’s why we created this free, seven-day mini course to help you find focus and presence in your day. 

Sign-up, and you’ll receive an email with a journalling question each day for a week, starting on Sunday.

Your new morning ritual will be to take five minutes first thing in the morning, distraction free, to reflect and journal on the question. No internet, no social media, no email. Just five minutes for you.

Your first moments of the day are an opportunity to ground yourself and set yourself up for success. We hope this ritual helps you find more control over your time and attention.

Start Your Morning Ritual

Check your inbox for your first email at 6pm PST / 9pm EST. If it’s later than 6pm, you’ll receive your first email tomorrow. That will be your prompt for the following morning.

Write down the question in a notebook or a piece of paper, so you don’t need to pick up your phone to complete your morning ritual.

Nature of Work

Learn to focus on what's most important.