Exploring what it means to live a good life. Thoughtful conversations about performance, resilience, purpose, values, and spirituality.

Jonas Altman on NOW with Steve Rio

016 – Jonas Altman

Jonas Altman (jonasaltman.com) is Founder of Social Fabric, a coach, an Adjunct Professor at UBC Sauder School of Business, and the author of “Shapers: Reinvent The Way You Work And Change The Future”.

Dr. Eva Selhub

015 – Dr. Eva Selhub

Dr. Eva Selhub is an internationally recognized resiliency expert, physician, author, speaker, scientist and consultant. Dr. Eva engages her clients and her audiences with her powerful energy, words of wisdom and scientific knowledge to activate the five pillars of resilience–physical, mental, spiritual, relationship and team– to achieve optimal resilience, success, health and happiness.

Ryan Lalonde on NOW with Steve Rio Podcast

014 – Ryan Lalonde

Ryan Lalonde and Steve go deep on many topics including leadership, personal development, growth, habits and routines, optimization, politics, sense-making, psychedelics, and more.

Dr. Lawrence Cheng

013 – Dr. Lawrence Cheng

Dr. Lawrence Cheng talks about resiliency, stress management, sleep and rest optimization, the impact our technology is having on our cognitive health and performance, and the impact of a new phenomenon called “Noisy Brain”. Dr. Cheng is a Medical Advisor to Nature of Work.

Joel Solomon

012 – Joel Solomon

Joel Solomon has been creating change all over North America for 40+ years. This conversation is an intimate look at how Joel sees his role as an intergenerational steward, what legacy means to him, spirituality, and how to discover your purpose in a complex world.

Steph Corker on NOW with Steve Rio Podcast

011 – Steph Corker

Steph Corker is the Founder of The Corker Co, a board member of One Girl Can, and a professional Ironman athlete who has completed over 25 Ironman races. She is infectiously positive, purpose-driven, energetic, and thoughtful.

010 – Mike Rowlands

Mike has weathered the storm as an entrepreneur through the Dot Com crash as well as the 2008 recession. Along the way, he’s learned a lot about how to create businesses focused on values and impact.

Kristi Nelson on NOW with Steve Rio

009 – Kristi Nelson

Kristi Nelson is the Executive Director of A Network for Grateful Living. Kristi has lived through an incredible amount of uncertainty so I thought she’d be a perfect person to have a conversation in the midst of the Corona Virus pandemic.

Rob Miller on NOW with Steve Rio

008 – Rob Miller

Rob Miller is co-Founder of Miller Titerle Law Co, as well as co-founder and investor in a number of companies. In this episode, we talk about the journey to finding mindfulness, creating a values-based business, developing self-awareness, making decisions based on values, a new way to measure success, and exploring what it means to live a good life.

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