In the Now #010 – Chantal Russell Podcast Highlights

Our Founder, Steve Rio, shares some of his personal highlights from his recent conversation with Chantal Russell on the podcast.

Here are Steve’s top three highlights:

  1. “Make the habitual ritual” — an amazing expression and reminder that everything you do is important and should be considered part of your spiritual practice. This is such a valuable way to approach your life. Rather than separating your spiritual practices from your work and regular life, approach everything like it’s sacred and give it that level of care and attention. When you do, you realize a new level of richness in even the most mundane activities in your life.
  2. Chantal found out she had cancer the day after she gave birth to her son. This was really hard on her relationship with her husband. They went to the brink and made it back. When I asked Chantal how they rebuilt their relationship, she talked about intention and making a conscious choice every day to be together. The takeaway for me was that we have the ability to choose our partners with our actions, words, and thoughts in every moment we’re together.
  3. After going through cancer and coming out the other side, one of the biggest changes she encountered was a new willingness to say yes to things she wanted to do. While she might have been hesitant in the past, or put things off, she now understands the importance of taking risks and enjoying life to it’s fullest. She also says no to more things as well. You can’t say YES to the things you really want to do without saying NO to many other things that come your way. Both decisions are important if you want to live life to ti’s fullest. It’s about listening to your heart.

The entire podcast was amazing. Listen now!

Thara Vayali on the NOW with Steve Rio Podcast
Steve Rio

Episode 007 – Thara Vayali

Thara Vayali is a health coach and consultant focused on mind-body medicine, with extensive training in the areas of nutrition, environmental education, yoga, mindfulness, and naturopathic medicine. This episode is a must-listen if you’re looking to increase your performance and wellbeing, both at work and in life.

Zach Berman - Podcast - NOW with Steve Rio
Steve Rio

Episode 006 – Zach Berman

Zach is a father, husband, and Co-Founder of The Juice Truck. Zach has built an incredible business focused on health and wellbeing with one of his oldest friends. He’s an avid vegan, and cares deeply about promoting the vegan lifestyle, without alienating people. Zach has also done a lot of soul-searching and personal development that shines through in this thoughtful conversation, which covers topics such as personal development, self-awareness, mindfulness, nature exposure, maintaining relationships, entrepreneurship, veganism and the ethics of the food we eat, psychedelics, death, and much more.

Zoe Pawlak - Podcast - NOW with Steve Rio
Steve Rio

Episode 005 – Zoë Pawlak

Steve sits down with Zoë Pawlak. Zoë is a mother, wife, and an artist and industrial designer, who has built an impressive brand and career as a painter and home products designer. Zoe found out she was pregnant at 24, just after she completed her art degree. She went on to build a successful career while raising two kids. Through that journey, her deep faith and spirituality was an important touchstone that helped her weather the inevitable ups and downs as an artist and entrepreneur.

In the Now - Letting Go of Goals by Steve Rio
Steve Rio

Steve Rio on The Addicted Mind Podcast

Steve Rio sat down for a conversation with Duane at The Addicted Mind Podcast to talk about how to reclaim control over our time and attention — the two greatest resources we have in this life. Steve breaks down the Attention Economy and how it’s geared for addiction, and the decisions we need to make

Ludo Siouffi on NOW with Steve Rio
Steve Rio

Episode 004 – Ludo Siouffi

Ludo is a husband, father of two, and founder of The Ludo Group, where he’s a portfolio manager focused on sustainable and ethical investments. Ludo has done an incredible job of articulating his personal purpose statement and integrating it into every aspect of his life. In this conversation, Ludo talks about how his personal purpose statement has fueled his impressive work in the community, shaped the relationships he forms with his clients, and how it helps him show up as the best dad and husband possible.

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