Episode 004 – Ludo Siouffi

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Show Notes

Steve sits down with Ludo Siouffi. Ludo is a husband, father of two, and founder of The Ludo Group, where he’s a portfolio manager focused on sustainable and ethical investments. Ludo has done an incredible job of articulating his personal purpose statement and integrating it into every aspect of his life. In this conversation, Ludo talks about how his personal purpose statement has fueled his impressive work in the community, shaped the relationships he forms with his clients, and how it helps him show up as the best dad and husband possible. 


The Ludo Group
Ludo on LinkedIn
Insurance Council of BC – Life License Qualification Program
West Coast Family Centers
St Paul’s Hospital (Future Leaders Board)
Fort McMurray Wild Fires
Wealth Professional Canada – 2015 New Advisor on the Block Award
BIV 40 under 40

Ludo Siouffi’s Bio


Ludovic believes sustainable business and enterprise are a powerful way to unlock innovation, create value and arm future generations with the ability to effect change – and ensuring familial wealth longevity can be key to it all. It was through his work on his MBA thesis at the University of Hong Kong, a thesis focused on exploring microfinance, that he became passionate about responsible investment. Today, Ludovic is a member of the Responsible Investment Association (RIA.) and has been awarded a Responsible Investment Advisor Certification (RIAC). This makes him one of a handful of advisors in Vancouver trained to identify and manage approaches to ESG risk, and implement ESG factors into investment decision making. He holds the Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®) designation and serves as a licensed life insurance specialist. He also has an MBA degree from the University of Hong Kong, an international finance program done in partnership with Columbia University in New York. In 2015, Ludovic was awarded the Top New Advisor of the Year Award by Wealth Professional, across all investment firms in Canada.

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