Break the cycle of distraction.
Find calm and focus.

A program to rapidly rewire your brain.

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Nature of Work is a research-based personal operating system that gives you the knowledge, tools and practices to produce higher quality work, faster, with less stress, anxiety and burnout. 

Find focus and attention in your work.

Focus and Attention

Apply the neuroscience of focus and attention to optimize your time, workflows and environments for productivity.

Creativity and deep thinking is accessed through the subconscious mind


Unlock creativity, deep thinking and problem solving by learning how to tap into the subconscious mind.

Gain Control of your technology habits to thrive

Technology Control

Break the cycle of mindless technology distraction and create healthy, productive habits that help you thrive.

Growth comes from balancing stress and rest

The Physiology of Success

Optimize your energy throughout the cycles of the day and learn the natural balance of stress and rest.

Goals and Priorities

Create structure in your days and weeks to ensure you're focusing your energy on the most important things.

Learn how to optimize your energy through the four cycles of the day


Learn how to gain control of your day through mindfulness practices, breathing exercises and meditation.

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Course Outline

Learn - Apply - Practice - Reflect - Nature of Work - Productivity, Creativity and Wellness at Work

Each level follows a standard flow to provide a foundation of theory, tools to activate the learning, practices to help the new behaviors stick and reflections to ground your process. 

Level 1: The Foundation

What will you pay attention to today? Through the careful curation of your time and attention you can be simultaneously more productive and less stressed out.

  • Intro to the fundamentals of mindfulness
  • The role of mindset and resilience in performance and wellness
  • The science of habit and behavior change

Level 2: Start Your Day

Time to get started!

  • The physiology of our natural daily rhythms
  • The science and components of a rock-solid morning routine
  • Build a morning routine to start practicing as the first step towards reclaiming control of your day. 

Level 3: Take Control

Now that you’re getting a strong start to the day, it is time to confront your digital lifestyle and habits.

  • Digital habits and their effect on our brain and lives
  • Audit, analysis, and cleanup of your digital habits and environments
  • Set distraction-reducing goals and learn “time-boxing”
  • Build new practices and habits that lead to lasting behavior change

Level 4: Get Focused

To be your most productive, you need to be able to focus.

  • Bust the myth of multitasking and learn to do one thing at a time
  • Achieving the natural balance stress and rest to increase productivity and lower stress and anxiety.
  • Routines to prime yourself before focus sessions
  • A framework for setting daily and weekly priorities
  • Build your focus interval training routine 

Level 5: Unlock Creativity

Success is built on more than just hard work and focus. The quality of our ideas are as important as the quantity and our ability to produce work.

  • The neuroscience of creativity and how to unleash the power of your personal supercomputer – the subconscious.
  • How to shift modalities between hard and soft focus for problem solving and creativity
  • The power of mental space and how to achieve it
  • Deep thinking — the single most important skill to get you ahead in your career and your life 

Level 6: Master Sleep

The most successful people know the power of high quality rest and sleep. Downtime is a critical part of being a consistent high performer and crucial for showing up with the right mindset and resilience.

  • The latest science of sleep
  • How to optimize your routines and environments to achieve high quality restoration.
  • Build a wind down ritual to complete the daily cycle
  • Get high quality rest your body and your brain needs to be high performing
  • Bonus: The science of nature’s productivity hack: naps

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I would highly recommend working with Nature of Work if you use technology in your work, own a smartphone or just want to be a better person. So yes – to everyone. The Nature of Work team are fantastic in the way that they present their content, provide examples that you can connect to, and make sure that you walk away with actionable things to implement in your work and life.

Hannah Lise, Operations Manager, Bench Accounting

As a virtual company we use a lot of technology to keep our workforce connected. While essential, these tools can be disruptive to our work habits and impact our productivity, ability to innovate and ultimately our personal well-being. Nature of Work provided us with practical tools that were easy to integrate in our daily routines. I highly recommend Nature of Work for any forward-thinking organization.

Tyler Hassman, CEO, MD Analytics

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