from home.

A mindful work from home program for remote workers adapting to the new normal.

80% of employees want to work from home.

The shift to work from home brings opportunities and challenges. Working from home can unlock productivity and offer freedom and flexibility for your teams. However, the lack of routine, structure, and the number of digital distractions can be overwhelming.

When people are distracted, overwhelmed by digital communications, and lack routine, morale and wellbeing drops along with productivity. Sick days and burnout increase, and employee turnover skyrockets.

Nature of Work empowers you and your team with the knowledge and tools to increase productivity, resilience, and wellbeing while working from home.

Burnt out employees are...

more likely to leave
0 x
more likely to take a sick days
0 %
more expensive to organizations
0 %

WFH Resilience Course

Learn mindful work habits, backed by neuroscience.
Attention management in action.

Woman learning how to work from home
Neuroscience of focus and attention
Priority setting and time management
Virtual meetings and
digital communications
Energy management and burnout avoidance

A resilience upgrading program for adapting to the new normal.

Short, engaging, research-based lessons delivered in an enjoyable "podcast-style" format.
Gamified training and exercises after each lesson to translate the learning into action.
A 30-day challenge to activate the plan and build lasting habits and agreements with your team.
Steve Rio

Designed by an expert in the future of work.

Steve Rio is a social impact tech entrepreneur who is a leader in the future of work. As Founder and former CEO of Briteweb, he led a remote team in 25 cities around the world. The performance and wellness challenges he experienced led to a 3-year research project in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and physiology which evolved into Nature of Work.

Supported by experts in health, mindfulness, and corporate coaching.

Dr. Lawrence Cheng

Dr. Lawrence Cheng

MD, CCFP(EM), MPH, Certified FMP
Dr. Cheng has a Masters from Harvard University and is the Co-Founder/Director of Connect Health Care Centre for Integrative + Functional Medicine
Dr. Maia Love

Dr. Maia Love

Dr. Love is Founder of BrainTalks@UBC, Certified in Mindfulness and Addiction Medicine and Yoga.
Evaleen Jaager Roy

Evaleen Jaager-Roy

MBA, BBA (Hons)
Evaleen advises CEOs on talent and strategic HR and coaches executives for top performance. Formerly the VP of HR for Electronic Arts

Corporate Testimonials

I would highly recommend working with Nature of Work if you use technology in your work, own a smartphone or just want to be a better person. So yes – to everyone. Nature of Work is fantastic in the way that it presents content, provide examples that you can connect to, and make sure that you walk away with actionable things to implement in your work and life.

Hannah Lise, Operations Manager, Bench Accounting

As a virtual company we use a lot of technology to keep our workforce connected. While essential, these tools can be disruptive to our work habits and impact our productivity, ability to innovate and ultimately our personal well-being. Nature of Work provided us with practical tools that were easy to integrate in our daily routines. I highly recommend Nature of Work for any forward-thinking organization.

Tyler Hassman, CEO, MD Analytics

Participant Testimonials

“It was fantastic — it elevated my sense of well-being and helped me feel calmer and more grounded. ”

Laurel, Community Manager, 30-39 


“There’s not a lot of ways to find extra productivity, especially when the demands on my life are increasing — Nature of Work was very helpful.

The biggest win overall was perspective. Learning to find the balance between what’s relevant and what doesn’t need to be monitored 24 hours/day was super helpful.”

Karen, VP of Marketing, 50-59


“Having practices that were clear and trackable was super powerful for me because I was able to implement them and follow them easily. The content, the research, and the ideas behind the practices were also amazing.”

Jordan, Entrepreneur, 30-39