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003 – Rick Ocean

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Show Notes

Steve sits down with Rick Ocean. Rick is a father, husband, and managing partner at Body Energy Club. Rick is a self-made entrepreneur who joined his partner in Body Energy Club over 15 years ago, after dropping out of college. In this introspective conversation, Rick and Steve talk entrepreneurship, purpose, personal growth, relationships in business, managing depression, the issues with social media, and lots more.


Rick Ocean’s Bio

Rick Bennett is an adaptable and results-focused industry professional offering 15+ years of experience in the business management and sales development profession, equipped for a natural flair for marketing initiatives and branding. Rick has proven knowledge of product and service sales analysis to highlight areas of improvement and to determine how overall revenue can be increased.

With several years experience managing, leading, and motivating a team of astute employees, Rick has become very familiar with the training and development of new employees for a well-staffed and friendly environment at Body Energy Club locations.

Recognized for his exceptional customer service skills and reputation with an effective and swift method of addressing client concerns and questions immediately. A proactive and forward-thinking individual that continually seeks new ways to drive customer traffic and revenue.

Liston on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or wherever you get your pods

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