Kill the distractions. Get shit done.

Flow State Sessions

Fun, focus, flow.

Work together with others in 2-hour sprints led by a NOW Certified Coach.

Tracking habits in the Field Guide

1. Set a goal

Create accountability and challenge yourself

2. Get Primed

Research-based mindfulness techniques to get primed
dude is focused

3. Get focused

Learn the art of deep focus based on neuroscience

4. Energy breaks

Break up the work with movement and connection

Upcoming Sessions

All sessions start at 10am PST.

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Critical skills to increase performance, resilience, and wellbeing.

Mindfulness and Resilience

Learn simple daily practices that help reduce stress and anxiety and build resilience.

Time and Attention Management

Time and Attention Management

Learn to set clear priorities, structure your days and weeks, and build deep work skills.

Technology Habits and Control

Control Technology Habits

Break the cycle of distraction and learn to leverage technology productively.

Barbie Bent - Founder Lagree West and Jaybird

Nature of Work has helped me become more disciplined and structured with my time. Since starting the program, I feel more productive while spending fewer hours on work.

– Barbie Bent, Co-Founder of Jaybird and Lagree West

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