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Take a six week journey with us to try our new program before we launch it into the world. 

Are you ready to rebuild your relationship with time and technology, reduce anxiety and increase performance? If the answer is yes, this is an opportunity to access our new program before anyone else does and help us refine it for our public release later this fall. 

Our program is designed primarily for knowledge workers, executives, and freelancers. Participants will step through six learning modules at the rate of one per week.  Each module will focus on transforming a specific aspect of your work and life, teaching new habits to improve your productivity, creativity and personal wellbeing. In addition to the online course content, you will also receive a NOW Field Guide – a daily journal and habit tracker. In total, expect to spend less than one hour per week with the online content and approximately 15 minutes a day on practices and tracking. 

We have a very limited number of spaces available. Sign-up below if you’d like to participate. 

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